Delivery Policy

  1. Same day dispatch, for all orders finalised prior to 10am on business days. To avoid any shipping delays and any additional fees, please be sure that all details on your order are correct at the time of your purchase. This includes current contact numbers and delivery address.
    Note: We do not ship to PO Box’s.
  2. If you have any special delivery instructions, please be sure to note them at the time of your purchase. If the order has already been placed, you may email comments to us at Instructions will be catered to the best of our ability; however, they may not always be met.
  3. We offer transit insurance for an additional fee, providing coverage for any incidents which may occur during the delivery process.
  4. Delivery times are dependent on locations, please allow up to 12 business days for delivery. If you have not received your order by this time, please contact us. Please allow extra time for all deliveries during holidays.
  5. Subject to the terms and conditions, we will supply you the items and products indicated in your order confirmation.
  6. Order shipments are arranged at the time payment is received, therefore, certain payment types may take several days to be processed and as such, once payment has been processed and cleared, deliveries will take place at that time. We accept Paypal and credit cards (via Paypal).
  7. We will endeavour to deliver the products on or before the delivery date indicated in your order confirmation; however, you acknowledge that the delivery date indicated in your order confirmation is only an estimate.
  8. We will deliver the items or products to the delivery address provided to us by you at the time of your order. This address will be indicated in the order confirmation you receive. If this address is not correct, please notify us immediately. If an item has been shipped to an incorrect address, there may be an additional fee.
  9. We reserve the right to charge you for additional costs incurred in the re-delivery of the item or products indicated in your order confirmation if: (a) After confirming the delivery date with you, there is no person at the delivery address to receive the item or products or no person at the delivery address that is able to sign that the item or product has been received; or (b) The delivery address is incorrect.
  10. We do not deliver any item or product to any location outside of Australia.
  11. As per our delivery policy, it is important that you inspect the item immediately if you suspect that the item may have been significantly damaged in transit. Items are generally dispatched from the warehouse in perfect condition unless otherwise advised prior to the sale. It is in your best interest to contact us at your earliest convenience if there are any issues, to avoid delays and any additional costs that may incur.